About Me

Mark Cooper on the side of Mount Norquay in Banff National Park
I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with my dad, mom, and younger brotherI attend high school at Bedford Road Collegiate where I play a little football in my spare time. I am eligible for the NFL draft in 2020.  Look for me to go early on the first day.  Linebacker's like me are a once in a generation talent.

In 2012, I was presented the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal by the Lt. Governor of Saskatchewan for my service to my community.

There is a chance you have heard of my father.  He writes for The StarPhoenix and gives strong opinions for a living. He probably has said or written something that has upset you.

My mom is less controversial but who knows, she may have upset you too.

Mark Cooper PhotographyWhen we are not arguing politics, trying to save the world, or trying out a new recipe, we are probably out taking some photos.  You probably have seen my dad's photography in official City of Saskatoon reports. Politicians don't always like him but they enjoy stealing his photos.  I like going out with him and I shoot a Pentax K-5 with a plethora of lens.  I occasionally post my stuff to Bridge City.
You can find me in some other places.
If you want to get a hold of me, shoot me an email at mark@markcooper.org.

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