The most entitled millennial ever

This GoFundMe page blows me away.  A women in Wyoming wants $5 million in donations so she can live the life she wants to.  Seriously.

My name is Catherine Elizabeth Clennan and my whole life I have been trying to live by other's definitions of who I 'should be'.  I have been trying so hard to live this lie that I came face to face with a choice: either live as others definitions of you and die OR strike out on your own and find for yourself who you really are. Well I chose life. I chose to live by my own definition.

Recently I have done everything that 'society' has defined as 'bad'. I have dropped out of college. I have told the world that I am actually gay, not straight. I have abandoned the ship of 'what is right' and decided to take a walk to find myself only to discover that the ship of 'what was right' was actually the ship of 'everything that is wrong' in disguise.  I have made the choice to march to the beat of my own drum, to stop caring what people think, say, or do. I am tired of living by what society defines as the 'right' way to live, the 'right' way to make a living, the 'right' way to find your way.

With this choice I am in the process of turning my life in a new direction. Currently I live in Laramie, Wyoming. in a property owned by my family. They pay everything for me - and I am 27 years old. I feel that as long as I live by their definition I am 'taken care of', but this definition is leading me to deaths door - it forces me to live a lie - to turn my back to who I really am; a free spirit, an artist, a woman, a lesbian, a civil rights activist, a woman who goes against the grain, a woman who knows that not everything is as it seems.

I need $2,000,000 dollars to purchase my dream home in California. I need the money to help me walk out of the lie that I am living, but more importantly I need the money to live my dream - which is to live as much as my life in the spiritual dimension as possble.

So she is spoiled at home but wants to be spoiled in California?  I don’t know what to say.  No wonder millennials get mocked for being lazy and fragile snowflakes.