How to Convince Amazing Talent to Model for You

Some ideas from Fstoppers on how to get better talent to model for you.

Joe McNally once said: "the easiest way to take better photos is to point your camera in the direction of more interesting subjects." One of the most common challenges photographers face is finding incredible people to work with. There is a misconceived belief out in the world that convincing amazing talent to step in front of your camera is actually really terrifying and hard. Fantastic talent is always looking for the opportunity to create new images to toss onto social media, and thus is always looking for great new photographers to work with. 

Each time I get to the Q&A portion of a panel or workshop that I teach, one of the first questions is always one regarding how to find models to work with and most importantly, how to convince them to agree to work with you. For the most part, I've never struggled with this problem. The vast majority of people who I have asked to work with me have been eager to collaborate on a shoot. My strategy boils down to a few simple points which are accessible to anyone.

The tips can be found here.