Getting the new desktop computer ready

My much beloved laptop was dying.  It was running Windows Vista and while it was still working, Dad wanted to upgrade me to Windows 10.  He was going to just upgrade it but for the same price, he bought me a Lenovo ThinkCentre from OTV that had Windows 7 on it.  It then upgrades itself to Windows 10.  We ran the benchmarks on it last night and it does really well although the onboard video is a little slow.  I can’t see Dad dropping $700 for a new video card for it any time soon.

I had a monitor but it was tossed in a cleaning purge so Mom went out and got me a 19.5 inch monitor from HP.  It’s a nice setup.

So today we are running Ninite to get me the programs that I need. 

Dad also put WordPerfect Office X7 on it along with some video editing software and Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.  He also installed Pinnacle Studio 16 on it.  It’s not Adobe Premiere but I am not exactly J.J. Abrams either.

Update: Now running Windows 10 in all of it’s glory (and bugs).