New friends for the journey

Stanley 20 oz Travel MugSince I survived final exams in one piece, Dad and Mom picked me up a couple of things for this summer.

One of them was a nice black duffel bag for travelling.  They got one for Oliver as well.  The last thing as brothers we want is for our clothes to ever touch each other. 

In my bag was a new Stanley 20 oz Travel MugOutside Magazine just rated it as the best mug out there.

Capacity: 20 ounces

Usability: This burly mug has the easiest-to-use lid, thanks to its ergonomic, trigger-like opener. It’s big, and as such won’t fit in a car’s cup holders, but I found that this was my go-to for bringing to work. 

Spillage: Zero 

Keeps Liquids Hot for (Claimed): 8 hours
Temperature Loss After 2 Hours: 24 degrees
Temperature Loss After 8 Hours: 60 degrees

Bottom Line: The Stanley was the big winner in terms of short- and long-term heat retention. If you like your coffee hot, this is your mug. We also loved the trigger-style lid that never spilled but was easy to use, even one-handed.

Both will be great company on some trips and adventures in 2016.