My new calling card

Mark Cooper: PhotographerI’ve been out taking photos all summer.  The other day I was down at the Victoria Park’s Lions Skatepark and guys were showing off as I was taking some photos.   They were asking me for my Facebook username (I am not on Facebook, something that some found hard to accept) so they could see the pictures.  It’s happened a couple of times this summer, so I asked dad if I could make up some business cards on the printer.

He went a little further and pointed out it would be cheaper if we ordered from Vistaprint.  The quality is better as well.  This what we came up with.   I’m happy with how it turned out.   Even if I can’t hand them out in Iceland (you have to have a Master’s in Photography to call yourself a photographer in Iceland).  If I make it to Iceland, I’ll do some cards up that say, “Tourist with a camera”.