My Photo Project for 2015

I just bought my first lens from Don’s Photo today.  I have several lenses for my Pentax K-x;

  • Pentax 28mm f/3.5
  • Pentax 35mm f/2.4
  • Pentax 50mm f/1.8
  • Pentax 50mm f/2
  • Sigma 70-210mm
  • Pentax 200mm f/4
  • Pentax 100-300mm

There were either handed down to by dad or ones that Mom and Dad gave me for Christmas (the Pentax 35mm f/2.4)

The Pentax 50mm f/1.8 was the first I had bought for myself.  It felt good.

Pentax 50mm f/1.8 lens from Don's Photo in Saskatoon

On the way home dad challenged me to get out and shoot every day.  Here are my goals.

  1. Saskatchewan Jazz Festival’s Open Stage
  2. PotashCorp Fringe Theatre Festival (the street performers)
  3. Saskatoon Ex
  4. Downtown Calgary
    1. The Bow
    2. Calgary Tower
    3. The Peace Bridge
    4. Street photography in downtown Calgary
  5. Heritage Park
  6. Calgary Zoo
  7. Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park 
  8. Banff
    1. Johnston Canyon
    2. Sulphur Mountain (Gondola)
    3. Downtown Banff
    4. Lake Louise
  9. Downtown Drumheller
  10. The Hanna roundhouse
  11. Wanuskewin Heritage Park
  12. Late night street photography in downtown Saskatoon.
  13. Early morning rowers on the South Saskatchewan River.
  14. Some long exposure photography of downtown Saskatoon.
  15. Grey Owl’s Cabin
  16. Action cam shots
  17. Shooting some the skateboarding in Victoria Park

In other news dad has been agonizing over upgrading his beloved Pentax K-30.  He is going to get a Pentax K-3 and when he does, I will see if I can convince him to give his K-30 to his loving, awesome, and eternally grateful oldest son.  Did I mention how awesome of dad he is?  Again, he sure is awesome.