Getting ready for Grey Owl's Cabin

I have written about us going to Grey Owl’s Cabin before.  Initially we thought we would go up for my birthday but it is cold in Prince Albert National Park at night.  Instead we are waiting a couple of months until the weekend of June 13th and 14th, 2015.  It will be a little warmer but still before the bugs come out.

We have bought some gear for the trip.  

  • I was going to bring my 1 person tent but I have out grown it.  We have a three person tent but I am hoping I can find something lighter to bring along.
  • I have a foam sleeping pad and it sucks.  June 14th is going to be a painful day after sleeping on during the night.
  • I packed my backpack for the first time.  Everything fits with some space for food and toilet paper left over. 
  • Dad went out and bought me some Dawgs for when we get to Northend Campground.  They will be far more comfortable then wearing hikers.
  • I am not bringing my Pentax K-x.  Instead I will bring my Fujifilm Finepix XP20.  It’s a lot lighter.
  • Dad has been putting together a First Aid kit for us.  Apparently he is planning for a worst case scenario.  If Zombies do attack, we will be prepared.

Five months from now we will back in Saskatoon.