New Year's 2015

Here are my New Year’s Resolutions of 2015

  1. Get myself organized.   Dad made me purchase a paper daytimer from Staples (and I bought some sweet pens) to get organized with assignments, practices, and things that I need to do and plan for.Staples Day Planner
  2. Get in better shape.  I played 10 out of 12 positions on defence for the Bedford Road Redhawks last season.  I need to work on my arm and core strength.  I need to get quicker and faster.  BedRoad Redhawks
  3. Get my grades up.  I let my grades slip this year which brought upon me the wrath of Dad and Mom.  I need to do better in 2015.Report Card
  4. Use social media more effectively.  That means spending some more time on Flickr with my photos and posting more to my weblog.  Of course that means getting out more with a camera.  Luckily dad gave me a few new lens.Pentax K-x DSLR camera