I graduated from Grade 8 and the Let’s Lead Program at Westmount School tonight.  Dad, Mom, and Oliver were all there and we had a good time during and after the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we came home and ordered in some late night pizza while they gave me a couple of nice gifts.  Dad & Mom gave me a Strider framelock folding knife while Oliver gave me a new watch.

Strider makes the knives that the U.S. Special Forces use which means that it should be tough enough to take camping with Uncle Lee, Aunt Brittany, and Camden.  If the zombie invasion or a bear attack happens, I am not sure Lee will able to fend it off by himself.  I am not saying that I am going to help Uncle Lee fight a bear but if it comes down to it, I may toss him my knife.

Strikder Knife

The watch is a Coleman digital watch.  I have some really nice dress watches but nothing to bang around with or fight off zombies with.  It’s nice and it will get a lot of use.

Coleman Watch

Grade 8 isn’t done quite yet.  We have one last adventure and that is up north for a canoe trip.   I can’t wait.  Maybe that is why I wasn’t excited about After Grad, we still have one last great adventure with some great friends.