Christmas 2013

It was a nice Christmas Eve yesterday.  Uncle Lee and Aunt Brittany invited us out to their place in Warman.  They picked Oliver and I up early and then Dad and Mom came out around 5:30.

We had a nice dinner of lasagna (of course) while Dad make fun of Uncle Lee for wearing a Rob Gronkowski jersey.  Thankfully Uncle Lee didn't dance topless, break his arm or suffer any concussions while wearing it.

We then opened our stockings and gifts.

Dad gave me a Vivitar Action Cam.  I wanted a GoPro but at $400, I knew that wasn't going to happen but I was really surprised when I opened up the Action Cam.  Oliver gave me some X-Mini Speakers which I am blasting right now.  I also got some computer speakers for my laptops which are pretty cool.  I was really surprised when I opened a gift from Santa Claus and in it was a Sony Xperia J and a new case.  Here is the promo video for the Sony Xperia J.  According to it, I will be invited to cool parties with attractive older women.  

When we got home last night, Dad set it up with a wide variety of cool apps from the National Film Board, Vimeo, CSR Racing and apps from Google and Yahoo!.

Uncle Lee and Aunt Brittany gave me some really nice Huskie Athletics sweatpants and hoodie.

I gave Mom and Timex Ironman watch which I gave dad a book by Joe Clark, err, the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark.