Backseat Reviewing: 2013 Ford Mustang GT

Right after Dad got the Ford Focus GT, Ford let him review a Ford Mustang GT.  I was away at Buffalo Pound Lake mountain biking, hiking, and making ineffective water filters and when I got home, Oliver was going on and on about the "cheap kit" that dad was driving.  

Ford Mustang GT

The cheap kit was actually "Cheap KITT" and he was referred to a 2013 Ford Mustang GT.  We have been watching the remake of Knight Rider where KITT is a Ford Mustang.  When Dad brought home the car, Oliver asked him if it had rockets like KITT does.  Dad said it didn't and so Oliver said, "Oh, it's a cheap KITT then".  

The Mustang came at a good time.  Our Mazda had a cracked air hose and so we had the car while we waited to get the Mazda fixed.  I was able to ride in the front and the back.  Sadly because of outdated laws prohibiting 13 year olds from driving muscle cars, I was unable to take it out for a test drive.  2016 can't come soon enough.

Like the Ford Focus ST, dad drove me to football and to school where again everyone looked and stared as we rumbled up.  When the Mustang starts up, it kind of yells out, get in the car, buckle up, and hold on.  I did as I was told.  Everyone was asking me about it. 

The Ford MyTouch is quite a bit different than in the Focus ST but we kind of liked it.  Dad turned on the breadcrumb feature of the GPS and so I could see all of the places they went without me (basically work).  We did take it for an extended drive to the cabin after we forgot the electric oil heater when we locked up the cabin for the winter.  If it freezes it would have made a big mess so we got in the car on a Saturday night and drove out there.  Crawling into the back of the car was dark to say the least.  It felt like crawling into the abyss.  Black ragtop, black seat, black interior.  I was wearing a black jacket and Oliver had a black hoodie.  Oliver looks over at me and goes, "It's dark back here Marky".  He was right.   An interior light anywhere back there would have been nice.  

Despite backseat passengers not being a huge priority for Mustang drivers, I was comfortable heading up to the cabin.  Dad is 6'4" and didn't need to put his seat all the way back which was nice.  We had the same problems with a poorly designed stereo system, err, I mean defective father on the way up in the Mustang and I heard the first couple of bars of many songs.  I really need to get that fixed.

I loaded the heater into the trunk and it is tiny but all of the horsepower takes up a lot of space up front.  There was less space available then the Focus ST or our Mazda but I doubt anyone buys a Mustang based on trunk space.

I was able to get some sleep on the way home and was comfortable the entire time.  While not designed for the family holiday, it worked well that night.

One other cool thing was the Mustang logo shines onto the ground from the side mirrors.  I think that is a really cool feature.  I just wish we had it earlier in the year, the convertible would have been more enjoyable then.