Backseat Reviewing: 2013 Ford Focus ST

So Ford Canada gave Dad a Ford Focus ST to review.  I was pretty sure there was some kind of mixup and it was meant for me but the paperwork checked out.  Apparently Ford and the Government of Saskatchewan are going to hold firm on that whole "you have to be 16 and have a drivers license to drive" technicality.  Bureaucracy chalks up another victim.

2013 Ford Focus ST

Unlike the other Backseat Reviews, I actually was able to ride quite a bit upfront.  Mom has been working a lot of evenings so dad took me to football and back a bunch of times and drove to me to school.  I actually was able to enjoy the passenger seat for a while.

I really enjoyed driving in the car.  Our Mazda 3 is still sporty but when dad dropped my off at school in the Focus, everyone was asking about it.  Kids walking by our house asked about it.  Both coaches and parents at football asked about it.  People love how the car looks.

Dad is perpetually early while mom is always late.  I take after mom which means that I occasionally hear about it from dad.  With the Focus ST's Sirius radio, I would find him just chilling in the car listening to EPSN Radio or the NFL Network.  Instead of discussing why I was the last one out of football practice (again… I have things to chat with friends about), we were talking about why Bruce Arians hates HBO's Hard Knocks (we really need HBO by the way).   Anything that distracts him from the fact that I may have been dogging it while running sprints at the end of practice.

2013 Ford Focus ST

There was more than enough room in the trunk to put my helmet, shoulder pads, and water bottles after practice.  Playing both wide receiver and cornerback, I was tired after practice and while I thought dad was joking when he turn on the heated seats, it was really nice.  Heated seats do more than keep your seat warm, they make your bumps and bruises feel a lot better.  It was pretty cool, err warm… you know what I mean.

We did take the car for a longer drive and that was to Arlington Beach on Thanksgiving.  There was lots of room for everything that Mom wanted to take in the trunk which left the backseat to Oliver and I.  Since it was a demo, we didn't take Maggi which made it feel more comfortable.  While Maggi is her all time thinnest, she can toss her weight around like a walrus, something that no Ford is designed to travel comfortably with.  Oliver and I had pillows and a blanket each and we both were comfortable going up there and back.  The car is quiet and I was able to chill out with my iPod and headphones and kind of tune out the world.  There is a lighter/charger in the back with drink holders so we were all good.  Dad did buy a lighter/USB adapter last week for $10 that worked great in charging up my stuff.

The car is fast.  Dad stomped on it on a stretch of open road and I was thrown back into my seat.

There is one glaring weakness in the car and that is it enables dad's who have ADD.  Dad plugged in his iPod and pulled up the "On the road" playlist which is full of some pretty good music to drive through.  Dad however would skip ahead about three chords into each song.  Just as I would go, "Hey this is cool", it would skip to the next song because of the button on the steering wheel.  It went like this.

"Hey this is cool, err."  "I recognize this, umm…"  "Okay he can stop this now."  "Wow, is he doing this on purpose."  "Hmm, I think he needs medication".  "I AM ABOUT TO GO INSANE".   I wonder if in the 2014 Focus GT they could provide a backs seat override or something.  You have so many skips and then control reverts to the backseat.  Either that or have Samantha (the voice of Sync) say, "Stop it, your are annoying everyone else in the car."  I think I like that option better.  Of course it may not be a Ford issue at play here, I may just have a defective father.  I wonder if he is still under warranty.

If you want to find more about the Ford Focus from people who actually drove it (not that you really need to after reading my review), check out Japolink, Car and Driver, and Motor Trend (even if they seem a little over the top in describing the colour - I like it).  

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