The Power of Choice

I was invited to go to Regina with Dad and Jeff Jackson to attend the Ford Power of Choice event at the RCMP Heritage Centre in Regina.  We were down in Regina to take a look at cars like the 2013 Ford C Max Energi, 2013 Ford Escape, and the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid.

It was an early morning drive to Regina.  We left Saskatoon at 7:00 which meant that I needed to be up by 5:45 a.m.  I grabbed my iPod, phone, camera, and headphones and fell asleep in the back of the 2013 Ford C Max we drove down in.  When I did wakeup, I listened to my new headphones.  The night before I realized my headphones were busted, so dad went out and got me a pair of Sony MDRZX100 headphones for the ride down.  Thanks!

The RCMP Heritage Centre


We got down there, took a look around and then went into the RCMP Heritage Centre where we talked with Ford executives about the Ford Hybrid and electric vehicles.



After a short discussion, we headed back outside to take some Ford vehicles for some test drives.  Below is the Ford C Max Energi (and Dad!)



Of course my place was in the back seat but I did enjoy going with Dad and a Ford product expert for a drive in the C Max Energi.  We had the Ford C Max Hybrid for a week and a bit so I was used to it.  While dad was driving, it was pretty cool as it shifted between electric and gasoline.  I learned that while some early Prius' battery packs only lasted around seven years, the Ford C Max Energi batteries can last 15-20 depending on how much you drive them.

In case you were wondering if I made it to the front seat, I did not.  Here was my view of the Ford C Max during the test drive.  Sigh.


I also learned a lot about how Ford is trying to be more environmentally responsible while building the cars.  From the looks of it, they might as well be building these cars in Saskatchewan.







In other words Les Stroud (Survivorman) could live for a month just off the inside of a Ford vehicle.

They also had a charging station for your Ford C Max Energi.  It works with a variety of electric vehicles which means that if you have a Nissan Leaf or a Tesla, it will charge it as well (Dad told me that Sean asked).




Of course Ford fed us really well.  Sandwiches, drinks, and as you can see cupcakes.  There are some rumours out there on the internet that I had a cupcake malfunction.  It may or may not have happened.


You can see all of the photos that I took at the Power of Choice Test Drive event on Flickr. (Dad's photo set of the event can be found here) It was a lot of fun and if you ever have a chance to go to one, make sure you check one out.