Salvation Army Christmas Dinner

On Thursday, Dad took me down to the Salvation Army Community Christmas Dinner.  I was able to help dad and the staff who were down there.  I got to serve some food, bug dad, pour some juice for people, and help clean up.  The mayor was there and some MP and MLA’s and we served around 700 people Christmas dinner.  I was able to meet Pat Lorje who is a city councillor and she was bugging dad.  Dad said later that she had spent most of her career working at making Saskatoon a better place to live.  That’s pretty cool.

When it was all done, I was able to sit down and have a meal with Captain Rhonda, Lorne, and   After the dinner was done, the head chef came into the Front Desk area and said, “Thanks to everyone their help, especially you Mark as you were really helpful; Jordon not so much”.  Ryan and the kitchen staff like to bug dad but are really nice to Oliver, mom, and myself and they are good friends with dad.  It’s fun to help them out.