Thanksgiving Weekend

O.K. this is how my weekend started.  I woke up this Friday morning, then i got packed because we were going to the cabin for Thanksgiving.  The food is super good.  Like it’s awesome.  We were cutting back a bit so we can eat more.  We were full after one plate.

I forgot to pack some stuff so we went for a 1 hour drive to Regina to puck up the stuff I forgot at DollaramaFor some reason it was on fire and the fire /police were there trying to figure out what happened.  I guess then my dad some did not like Dollarama and I said, “Who doesn’t like Dollarama?” 

We went into Chapters to get a book.  I got The Hobbit.  it is a really good book, I recommend it.  I am not going to spoil the book so I'll say a little part of it included wizards.  I got a new PSP game called Twisted metal.  It’s cool you pick and car that has mechanical guns.  then you choose your arena and fight there.  There is no teams and it’s a free for all.  I finished it in two days and the final level is really hard and intense.   

On Monday some friends of my parents came over and talked about The Wire, a television series I am not allowed to watch because I am too young.

I forgot to mention that my Uncle Lee came out and we played Monopoly.  I traded a property with Uncle Lee by mistake and then we were doomed.  None of us could win but it was fun.