My birthday

Well I turned 10 last week and I got some nice stuff for my birthday.

Dad got me Little Big Planet for my PSP.  I played the game at Uncle Lee’s apartment before and I really liked the game.  Uncle Lee took me to our cabin for the weekend and I had a lot of fun playing it.  Dad played it quite a bit on his PSP too.  While we were heading up to the cabin, Uncle Lee gave me a Saskatchewan Roughriders jersey.

Mom gave me a iPod speaker dock which is really cool because I can play my music and charge my iPod on it.  I wanted to take it to the cabin but Dad said that we had a dock there too.

Oliver gave me a cool clip on Coleman watch.  I really liked it.

Maggi gave me a cool Pelican Micro case for my camera.

Jerry and Gloria came over and gave me some money.  Dad and Mom took me out shopping tonight and I got the prequel trilogy of Star Wars.

Thanks everyone, I had a lot of fun.