My Christmas Wishlist

  • iDog to plug my iPod into.  Dad wonders why I want one of these but I think they are pretty cool.
  • 61EIhYDcnvL._AA280_Namco Museum for Nintendo DS.  I love playing Pac-Man with Dad’s iPod Touch and I think it would be fun to have one for my DS.
  • Metal detector to see if I can find any buried treasure at the cabin.   Either that or I can find some spare change.
  • Battle tank set :: I love watching Patton 360 with Dad.
  • Backyard Football ::  I have backyard baseball but I think Backyard Football would be fun.  Madden is a pretty hard game for me to win at.
  • Aquarium :: I want an aquarium.  I have had two fish but in fish bowls.  An aquarium would be pretty cool to have.
  • A dark board for my room :: I think it would be fun to have a dark board for my bedroom.

Dad has posted some other ideas for kids like me over on his blog.