Christmas 2009

Hi everyone, this is what I got for Christmas.  It was a fun day.

It was a lot of fun Christmas Eve and Christmas.  Uncle Lee gave Mom and Dad a new big screen HDTV and gave all of us a Nintendo Wii with four controllers, nunchucks, and a bunch of games.

Nintendo DS I gave Dad Madden 2010 for his PSP and along with Oliver, I gave Mom a Nintendo DS Lite and some games.  It was Dad’s idea and I was really, really excited about it.  Mom was pretty happy with it.  Dad also gave both of us Trackmania so we can race against each other.  With PictoChat, we can chat together and Dad won’t be able to hear us.  I just realized that I can play Dad’s PSP games as well.

On Christmas Day, Uncle Lee came over all day.  We played a lot of Nintendo Wii and hung out together as a family.  Then Mom made a big dinner.  It was fun.  Thanks everyone.