Sunday, April 20, 2014

Iceland: A Skiers Journey

The Mogul Skiers of Hoth

Easter Morning

We got up early this morning and found chocolate eggs all over the house.  I helped Oliver find as many as we could.  The Easter Bunny also left Oliver an Airwalk plastic skateboard and a Hot Wheels car.  It left me some cool chocolates and a manly shaving brush and soap.  The teen moustache has long been banned in our home.  I also got a great stainless steel beer mug, perfect for camping.  I am too young for beer but I can rock a great mug.

Oliver trying out his new skateboardOliver with his new skateboard

 The Easter Bunny gave mom a book of life hacks as well as a cookbook while it gave dad a couple of books as well.  Now we are off to enjoy Easter brunch.

Blogger (again)

Well having my own website didn’t work out to well.  I had great plans but lacked some skill to make it happen.  After talking to Dad, we decided I would go back to Blogger.  My domain forwards here rather than having it being self hosted.  There is a less chance of malware and being hacked.  Plus Blogger is easier to use.

So dad helped me set it up, find a template I like, a mobile version that works (simpler the better), and helped me get the blogroll set up.   Finally he helped me import all of my old posts into the  blog.  That is an ongoing process.

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A young pelican learns to fly.

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